Plaza Arkadia

Plaza Arkadia is a mixed-use development; with shops, offices, and SOHOs. At the time of this project, Plaza Arkadia was still under construction. It consists of eight buildings that were named after prominent British figures during the Colonial Malaya era. The names were alphabetical, from A to H; Anson, Bellamy, Campbell, Davidson, Eaton, Faraday, Gurney, and Hutton.

This project required wayfinding and signage design from the studio. I mainly worked on environmental graphics as part of the wayfinding system, a role shared with another designer. This was to be used in the carpark levels, and to help with building identification. As such, we emphasized the first letter of each building name, and used graphics that correspond to that letter.

However, the studio soon came to find out that variation orders from other consultants had exceeded the project budget. Therefore, the environmental graphics were aborted. The other ‘primary’ wayfinding and signage the studio worked on were still produced.

Client: Desa ParkCity
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2017

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