Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit & Contemporary Malaysian Theatre

The Five Arts Centre published a book in which fourteen writers from different disciplines, generations and backgrounds draw from personal encounters, critical theory and performance analysis to engage with ideas about Krishen Jit’s theatre.

The brief for this project essentially gave me free range for the design of the book. From each chapter to the next, the designs were different in an attempt to capture and reflect the content of each chapter. The designs created for the book had pushed me beyond my comfort zones, but resulted in something unique to the Five Arts Centre.

Client: Five Arts Centre
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2018

Brehi: Kelantan, under the skin

This photography book is a study of the five performing arts that define the state of Kelantan—wayang kulit, makyong, dikir barat, menora and main puteri. The book features 85 colour and black & white images of dalangs and dancers, poets and singers, actors and musicians—behind, on– and off–stage.

Some custom type were designed for the chapter title page, as there were ligatures that did not exist within the chosen typeface. The designs that came to be were ligatures referenced from a number of different typefaces during my research.

Client: Soraya Yusof Talismail and Ariff Awaluddin
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2018

Mahsuri: A Legend Reborn

The story of the young and beautiful Mahsuri, is a legend of Langkawi, who was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing. In this novel, Ooi Kok Chuen has retold and re-fashioned the story.

To accompany the painting by Kow Leong Kiang, who represents Mahsuri, this project required the title to be designed along with the interior layout. The title design incorporates the keris with an eagle hilt, as Langkawi is derived of two local words, meaning reddish-brown eagle.

Client: Ooi Kok Chuen
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2016

4As Annual Report

Design for the 4As Annual Report (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia).

Studio: Some Early Birds / 2020

City of Medini

This project required wayfinding signage for the new township of Medini, Johor. Our signage programme covered main roads and streets. Other sign types include vehicular, pedestrian, directional, destination, identification, gantry and totem signs. As the township is currently sparse, signage will be produced as the population grows.

My main role for this project was the signage design. To explore the shape, colour, typography, patterns for not just the main entry city sign, but also the street signs.

The main motif used on the signage design was based on the rationale of the Medini logo. Medini also aspires to be a smart city. As such the concept for the motif is as follows; connectivity and networking; convergence of peoples and cultures, nature and technology; and eco-system.

The pole of the street signs also has a unique oval shape.

Client: Medini Iskandar Malaysia
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2016-2017

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