Brehi: Kelantan, under the skin

This photography book is a study of the five performing arts that define the state of Kelantan—wayang kulit, makyong, dikir barat, menora and main puteri. The book features 85 colour and black & white images of dalangs and dancers, poets and singers, actors and musicians—behind, on– and off–stage.

For the book cover, initial designs never felt quite right, as any one image that was used seemed to imply that the book was about that particular performance. With the photographers’ suggestion, we explored the merging of images, giving it a sense of mystery, intimacy, and a hint of sensuality.

To further enhance the nature of the book, each chapter title of the book used ligatures and flourishes to create a sense of movement and performance. Some of which had be designed as they weren’t available within the chosen typeface system.

Client: Soraya Yusof Talismail and Ariff Awaluddin
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2018

Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit
& Contemporary Malaysian Theatre

The Five Arts Centre published a book in which fourteen writers from different disciplines, generations and backgrounds draw from personal encounters, critical theory and performance analysis to engage with ideas about Krishen Jit’s theatre.

The brief for this project essentially gave me free range for the design of the book. From each chapter to the next, the designs were different in an attempt to capture and reflect the content of each chapter. The designs created for the book had pushed me beyond my comfort zones, but resulted in something unique to the Five Arts Centre.

Client: Five Arts Centre
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2018

4As Annual Report

Design for the MAA Annual Report (Malaysian Advertisers Association).

Client: Malaysian Advertisers Association
Studio: Some Early Birds / 2020

4As Annual Report

Design for the 4As Annual Report (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia).

Client: 4As Malaysia
Studio: Some Early Birds / 2020

E&O Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre in Straits Quay, Penang shares the history of the state and the founding of the E&O Hotel, through to the present day. The Visitor Centre also covers their corporate ventures and work done in the community.

This project required information design and graphics for the space. I provided the graphic design of the information panels, around the space and walls, as well as panels located on the pier.

This project was done in collaboration with BT&T Design. The outer centerpiece artwork was made by local artist, Tang Yeok Khang.

Client: E&O Berhad
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2016

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