City of Medini

This project required wayfinding signage for the new township of Medini, Johor. Our signage programme covered main roads and streets. Other sign types include vehicular, pedestrian, directional, destination, identification, gantry and totem signs. As the township is currently sparse, signage will be produced as the population grows.

My main role for this project was the signage design. To explore the shape, colour, typography, patterns for not just the main entry city sign, but also the street signs.

The main motif used on the signage design was based on the rationale of the Medini logo. Medini also aspires to be a smart city. As such the concept for the motif is as follows; connectivity and networking; convergence of peoples and cultures, nature and technology; and eco-system. We also designed the street sign pole to have a unique oval shape.

Client: Medini Iskandar Malaysia
Studio: William Harald-Wong & Associates / 2016-2017

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